The original County School House, built by WRCC educational authorities in the 1900s, was used by farmer's and peat worker's children.  It became over crowded, although two school rooms were built.  It was sometimes referred to as the 'Dutch School' as may of the children that attended were of Dutch descent. 



                                                        School House on Goole Road in 2009


The school is located on the left side of Goole Road travelling from Moorends, the two single storey school rooms that were built in the school grounds have now been converted for use as private dwellings.  They can be seen from the road and now resemble two attractive cottages.


Huts moved from the pit area, originally to house some of the first sinkers around 1912, were later renovated and rebuilt on the land later used to build the Senior Girls School.  They were used as school rooms from 1928 to accommodate the new influx of children of school age until a more permanent arrangement could be made.  After the new school was built, the huts were used to accommodate children for their school dinners.  A corrugated steel building was built close to the huts and used as the cook house.  It is said that the kitchen staff here catered for the Senior Girls, Senior Boys and the Moorends Junior School meals.


Better accommodation became available when Moorends Junior Mixed School and Moorends Senior Girls School were built. They were opened by Lord Harewood on the 5th January 1931.  These schools were accessed by a narrow through road - off Marshland Road, opposite the Comrades Club - that ran in front of both schools to gates onto Vermuyden Road, after the cartakers house. 



                                   Marshland Junior School in 2008, built in the same style as the Girls School


Marshland Junior School in 2008, built in the same style as the Senior Girls


The Senior Girls School or Secondary Modern School for Girls took girls from 11 - 15 years old from Moorends and Thorne - this school was demolished in 2004 and the Kings Mead private estate of houses were built on the site.


Thorne Senior Boys School or Secondary Modern School for Boys took boys from 11 - 15 years old from Thorne and Moorends.  This school was built in the same style as the Senior Girls and was demolished in the late 1990s.


Eleven year old children who required a higher level of education would have to either win a scholarship or pay the fees to enable them to attend Thorne Grammar School before 1947, after this, the new Education Act opened up the Grammar schools for more working class children on merit, using the new 11 plus examination, free university education also became available. 



                                                                                           Thorne Grammar School in 1930 


West Road Infants School opened on the 26th January 1939, Eileen Gerrard or Miss Pickering, a well known primary school teacher in Moorends, remembers the West Road School opening; she was in the top class in the infants, which was known to locals as the 'little school' or 'Mrs Campbell's school'. This school was tucked between the junior and senior girls schools, consisting of a corridor with four classrooms leading off it to the right side.  It was used to accommodate infants until 1953 when it was passed on to the Senior Girls School for their use.  It was built in 1931 and still remains today as part of the Marshland Middle School. 



          West Road School and Mrs Gerrard nee Miss Pickering



A class at play in the 1940s at West Road School 


The children who lived on the church side of West Road and beyond, attended West Road School, children living on the same side of West Road School and beyond, attended Mrs Campbell's School.


                        The Little school or 'Mrs Campbell's school' at the rear of the Senior Girls School in 2008


Eileen can also remember when the Comprehensive system came into practice in September 1973; she was working at the Junior School at that time; children aged 5 to 9 years then attended this school, then known as Marshland Primary.  Moorends Middle School was the new title for the Senior Girls School, both boys and girls, aged between 9 to 13 years, then attentended this school.  Children aged 13 to 16 years then attended Thorne Grammar School.






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