This web site is compiled of excerpts from the book, Bygone Moorends. Local history has been researched from the era of the draining and warping of the land and represents the life and times of the village and people of Moorends from around the time of the sinking of Thorne Colliery.

Thorne Colliery was a very productive pit and it is said that it supplied their best coal to Buckingham Palace.

The village survived two World Wars, the depression, three major strikes and of course, like any other mining community, disasters at the pit.  The people of Moorends made up a caring, sharing comminity, pulling together through good times and bad.  The young people should be proud of their heritage. I and many other people that I have spoken to, are proud to be members of mining families, originating from Moorends.

We hope that the information on this web site will give the younger generation some knowledge of their 'roots' and how their forefathers lived and have striven, hoping to create a better future for their families.

Many descendants of the original members of the community have gone on to enjoy great achievements in their lives; thanks to the good moral upbringing and education that they recieved while growing up in Moorends.

There are many impressive building to be found in Moorends to this day.  These date back many years, some old farms were built in the mid 18th Century, both in the village and the surrounding area.  The countryside outside of the village itself is also very impressive.


The book, Bygone Moorends, can be purchased from Moorends and Thorne Branch Libraries, or purchased via this web site.




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